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HPE Synergy 680 Gen9 Compute Module

High Performing Server at a Great Price

Is performance and availability at the right price most important to your business? Does traditional infrastructure make it difficult to reuse or re-purpose resources? Is change in your datacenter especially painful when it comes to mission-critical applications? The HPE Synergy 680 Gen9 Compute Module is part of a Composable Infrastructure (CI) solution that is easily discovered and provisioned in minutes, and can be re-purposed just as simply. The HPE Synergy 680 Gen9 Compute Module delivers mission-critical availability and performance, as well as flexible memory, storage and fabric options in a full-height double-wide, 4-socket form factor. Designed to support demanding enterprise data-intensive workloads, this module is powered by the Intel® Xeon® processors, supports up to 12 TB of DDR4 memory, HPE DDR4 memory, has flexible storage controller options, ten I/O connectors, and is part of a pool of flexible compute capacity within a Composable Infrastructure.


Run Anything

    • The HPE Synergy 680 Gen9 Compute Module supports up to 12 TB of DDR4 memory and Intel Xeon processors in a 4S full-height double-wide form factor for demanding workloads like business processing, decision support, IT infrastructure, and other mission-critical workloads with large memory demands.
    • The flexible design supports stateless configuration without drives, up to four SFF or eight uFF drives, NVMe workload acceleration, and direct attach composable storage to match demanding workload, data protection, and data security requirements.
    • Ten mezzanine connectors with simplified I/O architecture for expandability and a wide range of choice of storage and fabric choices.

Move Faster

    • The HPE Synergy 680 Gen9 Compute Module provides a composable compute resource that can be self-discovered, quickly provisioned, easily managed, and seamlessly redeployed to deliver the right compute capacity for changing workload needs.
    • HPE Synergy template-based provisioning enables fast time to service with a single point for defining compute module state, pooled storage, network connectivity, and boot image.

Work Efficiently

    • The HPE Synergy 680 Gen9 Compute Module is part of HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure, so changes such as updating firmware, adding storage, or modifying network connectivity are implemented automatically through software defined intelligence to reduce downtime, manual operations, and errors.