HPE StoreOnce Systems Price and Features

Still comparing hpe storeonce price? HPE StoreOnce Systems may be your secure data backup and recovery solution. Contact us to build your high-performance architecture.

HPE StoreOnce Systems offer intelligent storage solutions that can modernize your data protection with better ease, performance, and dexterity and that too at a lower cost as compared to some conventional solutions. If you are having difficulty with data resource management and threats from ransomware, HPE Storeonce can offer secure data backup and the best recovery solution.

HPE StoreOnce Systems provide a high-performance backup design that can manage the entire enterprise. It can help you manage and reduce the backup data amount by 95% as per your requirement. With easier resource management features, you can pick powerful customized appliances for bigger offices and data centers, and flexible appliances for smaller offices and other remote locations. Know more about hpe storeonce price now!

Using HPE StoreOnce Systems, you can eliminate the duplicate copies of your repeated data (deduplication) anywhere and control the data movement through the enterprise with the help of your data backup application. This system provides better flexibility to reduce HPE Storeonce price, risk, and complexity.

Features of HPE StoreOnce System

● It has a scalable architecture that allows you to choose capacity points existing throughout customized appliances or virtual backup solutions. You can start at a small level and add more in your virtual capacity as you grow.

● This system comes equipped with different capacity points that can suit all sorts of requirements, whether it is for small remote offices or large data centers. It offers centralized monitoring and improved control with Federated Management.

● For enterprise or large data centers, a variant of this system offers 36 TB to 1.7 PB serviceable local storage. Using Cloud Bank, you can take it up to 5.2 PB.

● For medium-sized data centers, HPE StoreOnce 3620 offers 16-31.5 TB, StoreOnce 3640 offers 36-108 TB, and more. With cloud storage, you can increase it significantly.

● For small and remote offices, it offers up to 500 TB and you can increase the capacity with Cloud Bank Storage.

● HPE StoreOnce delivers seamless data movement throughout the enterprise with economical virtual backup machines that can be used for small-size remote offices. Along with that, you can acquire high-performance dedicated appliances for bigger sites, and highly-scalable systems for your growing data center.

● HPE StoreOnce supports critical business applications such as Microsoft SQL, SAP on Oracle, etc. using no-cost Catalyst plug-ins.

● It offers a wide range of superior performance solutions to tackle the current challenging scenarios of data growth and decreasing backup windows all through the enterprise.

● Using this HPE system, you can manage data backup and data disaster recovery tasks from a single location.

● With better multi-site capabilities features and reduced cost of bandwidth and time, you can implement new and more feasible disaster recovery plans.

● It moves data simultaneously from one location to many other sites including the Cloud, with Cloud Bank Storage in a streamlined manner.

Microware and HPE StoreOnce Systems

A Hong Kong-based IT company, Microware is known to offer top-quality IT infrastructure solutions. With more than 30 years of experience in the IT field, it provides the latest and most innovative IT solution services for the Hong Kong Government, public bodies, educational institutions, and commercial organizations.

By acquiring HPE StoreOnce Systems at Microware, you can reduce the cost and complexity of data backup and protection with a cloud-based security platform. HPE StoreOnce price is affordable and this system provides high-performance and speedy data center protection, low-cost storage, and disaster recovery solutions in the cloud-based platform that you can scale from small-size remote offices to the largest data centers, offices, and service providers.

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HPE StoreOnce Systems

Secure data backup and recovery solution

Is data growth resulting in increased backup times, missed SLAs and more management resources? Are you concerned about the threat from ransomware?

HPE StoreOnce Systems with StoreOnce Catalyst provide a single, high-performance backup architecture that spans the entire enterprise. You can reduce the amount of backup data you need to store by 95% and choose between powerful dedicated appliances for larger offices and data centers, and flexible virtual appliances for smaller and remote offices. Industry leading backup and restore speeds mean that you can meet shrinking backup windows and recovery SLAs. StoreOnce Catalyst prevents exposure of backup copies to ransomware.

With StoreOnce you can dedupe anywhere and control the movement of deduplicated data across the enterprise using your backup application. Using Cloud Bank Storage to cloud-enable your current backup and business applications, StoreOnce Systems provide even more flexibility to reduce your cost, risk and complexity.

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Industry-leading, Scalable Architecture from Small and Remote Offices to Enterprise Data Centers

    • Scalable architecture allows you to pay as you grow. Choose capacity points available through virtual backup solutions or dedicated appliances that start small and allow you to add in virtual capacity, shelves or nodes.
    • With a range of capacity points to suit all requirements from small remote offices to enterprise data centers with centralized monitoring and control with Federated Management.
    • For enterprise data centres the HPE StoreOnce 5650 scales from 36 TB to 1.7 PB usable local storage. With Cloud Bank Storage you can scale up to 5.2 PB
    • For mid-size data centers choose HPE StoreOnce 3620, scale from 16-31.5 TB or StoreOnce 3640 scale from 36-108 TB or StoreOnce 5200 to scale from 36-216 TB or StoreOnce 5250 to scale from 36-864 TB usable. All HPE StoreOnce Systems can triple their effective capacity with Cloud Bank Storage.
    • For small and remote offices choose the HPE StoreOnce VSA virtual appliance, flexibly licensed up to 500 TB and can triple their effective capacity with Cloud Bank Storage.

Federated Deduplication Across the Enterprise with a Single Deduplication Technology - HPE StoreOnce

    • Deduplicate at the application source, the backup server, the target appliance or directly from HPE 3PAR StoreServ via HPE RMC. Deduplicate where it makes sense for your business, not where technology vendors’ limitations mandate, saving time and money.
    • HPE StoreOnce delivers a unified solution for seamless data movement across the enterprise; with cost-effective virtual backup machines ideal for smaller remote offices, high-performance dedicated appliances for larger sites, and highly scalable, powerful systems for your data center.
    • Federated Deduplication is available across the HPE StoreOnce Systems portfolio, including dedicated appliances, virtual backup solutions, and on media servers and application servers with Commvault, Data Protector, Veritas NetBackup and Backup Exec software via OST, Veeam and BridgeHead software.
    • HPE StoreOnce also supports critical business applications via no cost Catalyst plug-ins for Oracle RMAN, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL and SAP on Oracle.

Backup within your Window and Meet your Restore SLAs with StoreOnce Industry Leading Performance

    • A broad range of superior, best-in-class price/performance points to meet the challenges of data growth and shrinking backup windows across the enterprise.
    • Industry leading performance of up to 288 TB/hr with an HA federated 8 node system using StoreOnce VSA and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst.
    • Up to 47 TB/hour with HPE StoreOnce 5650, or up to 41 TB/hour with HPE StoreOnce 5250 and up to 33 TB/hour with HPE StoreOnce 5200.
    • Up to 18 TB/hour with HPE StoreOnce 3640 and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst or up to 14 TB/hour with HPE StoreOnce 3620.

Automated, Efficient Backup and Disaster Recovery Operations with StoreOnce Catalyst

    • Manage backup and Disaster Recovery operations from a single pane of glass with StoreOnce Catalyst Backup and copy is supported over Ethernet and Fibre Channel.
    • Implement disaster recovery plans that were not previously feasible due to lack of multi-site capabilities, cost of bandwidth and time.
    • One-to-many disaster recovery moves data simultaneously from one site to many sites. Cascaded disaster recovery moves data sequentially from one site to any number of other sites including the Cloud, with Cloud Bank Storage.
    • Alerting and trending in Reporting Central to enable centralized backup capacity management.