HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays Hong Kong

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays makes storage effortless. Automatically predict and resolve 86% of problems. HPE InfoSight also ensures fast, reliable access to data and 99.9999% guaranteed availability.

HPE Nimble Storage-Flash Storage And Predictive Analytics

HPE Nimble storage all-flash arrays is a new generation of Nimble Storage HPE, designed with the purpose of providing a financial advantage to its customers.

Are you trying to find the perfect blend of flash storage and predictive analytics? Then HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays is the right choice for you. It combines a flash-efficient design with HPE InfoSight predictive analytics to attain faster and consistent access to data with a guarantee of 99.9999% accessibility. Fundamentally, Nimble Storage HPE is user-friendly, simple to set up and use. The arrays are always compatible with the cloud environment, offering data movement to the cloud using HPE Cloud Volumes.

HPE Nimble is a very time and money-saving investment that would keep delivering a wide range of benefits well into the future. This new generation of Nimble Storage HPE consist of wide-ranging licensing, easy upgrades and improvements, and offers flexible payment options which are also compatible with future technologies, for instance, NVMe and Storage Class Memory (SCM). The latest HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are intended to provide customers with a financial advantage.

Nimble Storage HPE and Predictive Analysis

Even if you belong to old-school storage methods, you should also pay attention to what new abilities are coming up when it comes to storage. That will introduce you to predictive storage analytics.

In basic terms, predictive analytics is the practice of taking out information from existing data sets so as to figure out the patterns and envisage future effects and trends. Predictive analytics does not exactly tell you about what will happen in the future. It mainly estimates what could happen in the future, something that would be acceptable, reliable, and consist of many possible scenarios based on different what-ifs, along with a risk evaluation.

HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays and other storage systems now regularly use predictive storage analytics to identify possible hardware fiascos, enhance drive performance and accessibility, and helps in keeping the costs down. Nimble Storage HPE analyzes data along with systems, allowing you to know about information such as when you can move data to different levels, as well as moving data to and from public clouds.

HPE Nimble Storage, accompanied by storage solutions like HPE 3PAR StoreServ, and supported by Intel Xeon processors, foresees and stops storage problems before they occur. Nimble Storage HPE uses flash storage with InfoSight to alleviate 86 percent of storage problems before they arise.

Nimble Storage HPE offers more guarantee

HPE Nimble stores more data for every raw TB with improved overall efficacy. With increased innovations in the HPE Nimble Storage technology, your storage experience would keep getting better with secure, reliable, and easily manageable backups. It would also ensure that your business does not suffer in case of natural disasters by keeping your applications online all the time. Nimble Storage HPE steps up the performance and capacity on its own and in a non-intrusive manner. It transforms the support experience for the users as it can find resolutions to complications beyond just storage. HPE Nimble makes the whole infrastructure smarter, smoother, and more dependable by learning from the installed base.

HPE and Microware

We have been working together for 30 years, providing a complete assortment of IT infrastructure solutions and products to help our customers find the right product and solution based on the requirements and expectations of their business.

From setting up basic infrastructure blocks and delivering services through the cloud-based environment to allowing enterprise mobility and encouraging innovation, our team of experienced and skilled professionals offers an all-encompassing platform providing tailor-made solutions. They are supported by strong associations, an extensive range of value-added services and certified processes.

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HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays

Storage made effortless

Are you struggling to find the perfect combination of flash storage and predictive analytics? HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays combine a flash-efficient architecture with HPE InfoSight predictive analytics to achieve fast, reliable access to data and 99.9999% guaranteed availability. [1] Radically simple to deploy and use, the arrays are cloud-ready, providing data mobility to the cloud through HPE Cloud Volumes. Your storage investment made today can support you well into the future, thanks to our technology and business-model innovations. HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays include all-inclusive licensing, easy upgrades, and flexible payment options – while also being future-proofed for new technologies, such as NVMe and Storage Class Memory (SCM).

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Predictive Analytics

    • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays automatically predict and resolve 86% of problems before you even know there is an issue. [4]
    • Transforms the support experience through cloud-based predictive analytics and Level 3-only support.
    • Holistic view across the infrastructure stack to resolve problems beyond just storage.
    • Simplifies planning with prescriptive forecasts into capacity, performance, and bandwidth requirements.
    • Makes infrastructure smarter and more reliable by learning from the installed base.

Radical Simplicity

    • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are simple to deploy use, and manage.
    • This product is cloud-ready and deploys flash on-premises or in the cloud with common data services and mobility between all-flash, adaptive flash, and HPE Cloud Volumes.
    • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are future-proofed for NVMe and SCM. The offering comes with a satisfaction guarantee, all-inclusive software licensing, flat support pricing, replacing all the hardware for upgrades, and an option to receive a free faster controller upgrade after three years.
    • Radically easy to integrate with many ecosystems and has a deep integration with VMware®, Microsoft® applications, Oracle, Veeam, and others.

Fast and reliable

    • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays are scale-to-fit. They scale up performance and capacity independently and non-disruptively; and scale out to four arrays managed as one for increased flexibility.
    • Up to 5X or more data reduction from variable block inline deduplication and compression. [5]
    • Backup and disaster recovery (DR) from all-flash to adaptive flash arrays at one-third the cost.
    • Data reduction, snapshots, and Triple+ Parity RAID with no performance impact.
    • Sub-millisecond response time for performance-sensitive enterprise workloads.

Absolute Resiliency

    • HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays has 99.9999% guaranteed availability.
    • Triple+ Parity RAID can handle three simultaneous drive failures and provides additional protection through intra-drive parity.
    • App-granular, FIPS-certified encryption provides data-at-rest and over-the-wire protection, data shredding is built-in.
    • Native application-consistent snapshots and replication, as well as integration with leading backup software.