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HPE GreenLake

Edge-to-cloud Platform

HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform is an on-premises, as-a-service consumption model, giving you the agility and economics of the cloud with on-premises control. It delivers the modern cloud experience for all your apps and data, everywhere.


Rapid Deployment

    This is an as-a-service model, which offers the cloud experience including self-service functionality to quickly deploy resources, such as virtual machines, containers, and machine learning operations (MLOps) projects. HPE owns and manages the equipment — storage, servers, compute — for you at your site. HPE delivers and installs the equipment, including a buffer of capacity, and can help integration of and support for cloud services.

Pay only for what you use

    There are no upfront capital expenditures on your part. HPE provides a reserve amount of capacity, measures how much you use, and charges based on that usage. HPE uses metering technology, with units of measure aligned to the service, to determine how much capacity has been consumed.

Scale up and down as needed

    Capacity can be scaled up or down as needed. If you need more, HPE will proactively provision more, and you only pay for what is used. This eliminates the risk of over- and under-provisioning resources.

Innovative portal

    HPE GreenLake Central provides a centralized dashboard to help you monitor and manage your HPE GreenLake environment. For example, you get consumption analytics to analyze costs and consumption, with historical usage trends and forecasts to predict future needs.

Simplified IT

    Offloading the day-to-day infrastructure maintenance, such as firmware updates and patching, helps reduce risk and frees your IT resources for higher value contributions to the business.

Expertise on-demand

    Additional services can always be added to your HPE GreenLake contract as needed. For example, HPE GreenLake Management Services can act as an extension of your IT team and fill gaps in areas such as security, migration, and performance, or even manage your entire hybrid environment for you.